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Cardio kickboxing is a fun and effective program to help you achieve your fitness goals. A combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts cardio kickboxing is growing in popularity at gyms, particularly with teenagers and young adults. The fun part of it motivates them to start and stick with it as a fitness program that provides overall physical conditioning and toning.

Cardio kickboxing differs from other types of kickboxing in that it does not involve physical contact between competitors. It is a total body workout that can improve your strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and sense of balance. A one-hour kickboxing workout can help you burn 500 to 800 calories. It is always good idea to vary one’s exercise and fitness program. If you are bored with weight-room cardiovascular activities, such as brisk walking or jogging on a treadmill try cardio kickboxing and discover how much fun it can be. Those who enjoy the "semi-dance" movements found in aerobics or step classes will love the rhythm and energy of cardio kickboxing.

Cardio kickboxing classes usually begin with 10 to 15 minutes of warm-ups, which may include stretching and traditional exercises such as jumping jacks and push-ups. In the beginning the instructor familiarizes the students with the various moves and their names and initiates a slow practice. A 40- to 45-minute aerobic session follows, which includes knee strikes, kicks, punches, speed bag, shadow boxing, jump rope drills, and footwork. Kickboxing requires above-average endurance, strength, and flexibility and these fitness programs are not really for a beginner who has done no aerobics earlier. A cool-down period follows the workout. Be sure to work with a qualified instructor to learn and master proper technique. Remember to take breaks if you feel tired and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the class.

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