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Medical Benefits of Bodybuilding

Not everyone who takes to bodybuilding needs to strike poses in swimwear on stage, showing muscles you never knew existed! Regular training with weights suits both children and adults of both sexes. The sport does more than give you a body of which you can be proud: it can also help keep disease at bay and help chronic sufferers cope with their condition.

It is best to start bodybuilding at an early age. Children with a liking for foods rich in sugar and fat can avoid the problems of obesity by developing a passion for developing muscular and strong bodies. Women recovering from breast cancer and adults of both sexes recovering from tragedies and bouts of depression are other potential beneficiaries of spending useful hours every week with weights. Warming up and cooling down before and after bodybuilding work outs are as important as actual session with weights, because they help to avoid painful injuries.

Nutrition and diet are both important and controversial in the world of bodybuilding. It is hard to lay too much emphasis on the role of a balanced and adequate diet in building muscle tone and shape, but the use of harmful and banned supplements is a matter for concern. Unscrupulous manufacturers offer drugs that give quick results, but which damage the kidneys and which can cause serious harm to health in a number of other ways as well. Legal and safe supplements for bodybuilding should be prescribed by qualified people to who a doctor can recommend, and the dosages and timings of intake make a difference for the best results.

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