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Alexander Technique

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Many of us would look and feel better if we just improved our posture. The natural tendency, because our back muscles are weaker than our chest and shoulder muscles, is to slump down with rounded shoulders, our abdomen out and a sway back. This leads to headaches, pain in the neck region and it results in lower back ache as well as this bad habit of slouching becomes ingrained.

Fortunately it is possible to consciously correct one's posture and reap the benefits of walking tall. Stand erect with your head held high, chest expanded, shoulders back and tummy held in. Keep the back erect and the spine as stretched as it is comfortable. Walk with your entire leg thrust forward and place your heel down first. This may feel odd initially, but practicing this consciously will help you realize how much better you look and feel. Your breathing is fuller and you are thus gaining more energy with the extra oxygen you inhale!

There are various exercises you can practice regularly to improve your posture. There is always the old walk with a 'dictionary on the head' theory. Other, more useful for general well being are certain exercises and postures which involve lying flat on your back and stretching your arms to rest he shoulders flat on the floor. You can:

  • Lift your arms to meet in front of your chest with palms together in prayer.
  • Roll to your sides with knees bent and shoulders still on the ground
  • See how your life improves and even your clothes fit better!

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