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Substance Abuse

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The Addictions Trap

Addictions result when a person adopts a certain compulsive repetitive behavior, usually as a means to escape reality. Addictions can be formed to any activity that helps a person to escape from life and its problems. A person may get addicted to shopping, food, internet, gambling, drugs and alcohol. More often than not the person is in a state of denial about his dependency.

The problem of drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise. Fortunately, if the person seeks help it is a treatable condition. The first step necessary to overcome any addiction is acceptance of the fact that there is a problem. Once a person who is into substance abuse decides he wants to get rid of the addiction he can seek counsel and support from self help groups, psychiatrists and specialists. There are websites that provide information about the illness and sources of help.

A new form of addiction is the compulsion to go online, addiction to the internet and chat rooms. This often takes precedence over work and relationships in the real world. Other similar addictions include surfing the web, playing computer games and using mobile phones and are known as 'contact addiction'.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder resulting from a person having problems in accepting her body image. It usually one of binge eating followed by vomiting and laxative or other medication abuse. Persons with anorexia nervosa refuse to eat because they believe they have an excess body weight and they go through a lot of emotional and physical suffering. Both are forms of food addictions when the person goes on binge eating periodically.

Some people suffer from an addiction to gambling which also involves taking risks again a way of escaping from reality. Every form of addiction can be treated if the victim has a will to overcome it and seeks appropriate help.

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