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Life Expectancy


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Aging is a natural and gradual process that every living being has to go through over time. Nothing alive on this planet forever and over the years there is a gradual slowing down process of all the functions, resulting ultimately in the end of life or death. When we understand this and accept it as inevitable, we can handle our aging process better. This acceptance can help everyone lead a fuller life despite their chronological age as we understand our limitations with age.

Aging is a physical and mental process and there is a lot one can do to reduce the difficulties it brings with it. You are old as you feel is a popular truism. Learn to stay young at heart and in the mind, aging becomes a graceful process and can actually be lot of fun. Some people need help to develop this attitude and need support to cope with changes that accompany aging. Senior citizen centers and associations do a lot of good for all aging people but these people in particular. Meeting people of one's own age and sharing experiences with them can be enriching and provide emotional support.

The common physical signs of aging include graying hair, dry and wrinkled skin and the loss of hearing and sight to varying extents. All these can be taken care of by cosmetics, hearing aids etc. Osteoporosis is another common sign of aging. Improve your diet by including calcium rich food and take exercise to delay its onset. Regular exercise is generally a good way to stay fit and delay aging.

Living among people of your own age in a retirement community can bring a new lease of life with new friends, hobbies and interests. Forgetfulness is common as aging sets in. Learn to be more organized and write things down to jog your memory. This is a tip that will work wonders for everyone and not just the aging.

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