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It is our human nature that we care about the feelings and sufferings of others as well, even if it is a living being belonging to the animal kingdom or the flora domain (even though there are a large number of peoples belonging to the opposite class as well). A big enough example of this hearty attitude is the habit we have of growing pets at home or the burgeoning number of avid gardeners present amongst us. No wonder, veterinary medicine has also developed into one of the sophisticated branches in the medical domain, alongside other medical branches. In other words, man has dedicated enough time and effort in developing veterinary science as one of the advanced medical domains that exists today. Yes, pursuit against some dangerous viruses or bacteria might have led researchers to study animals as well, but love for animals is a sizeable factor that contributed to the elevation of animal health as a branch that we witness today.

Now, in all parts of the globe, there are dedicated hospitals and workforce to deal with animal health issues exclusively. Further, animal insurance, animal publications, TV shows, and animal nutrition are all the direct fallouts of this trend, the importance we give to animal health and animals in general. If this is not enough, the fact that millions of dollars are spent by many governments for researches in the animal health domain might be able to precisely gauge the relevance animal health has in the scheme of things of humans and the medical domain in general. It is something that simply cannot be done without because we humans and the elements of animal kingdom are that closely or inextricably linked. And our forefathers have realized that centuries back. It is your turn now.

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