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Conditions and Diseases

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Child health is an issue that deprives the sleep of many a dotting parent. Childhood is a crucial phase in the life of a child during when he/she needs that extra care and protection against diseases, simple and serious, viral or bacterial. The 'extra care' is needed because in that age the immune system of the children may be still in a building phase and their vital organs not fully matured enough to face the rough of the life in the world. That is why, doctors insist parents keep a close eye on their childs health and seek necessary treatment at the earliest if any inkling of an illness surfaces.

The basics of child health must begin from one's own home itself. Always keep the surroundings, mattresses, and floors clean so that the child most of the times lives in a hygienic environment. Also take care that your children does not take or touch anything dirty and puts his/her hands in the mouth (you cannot change the child's behavior, so better keep everything around hygienic).

As parents, it is your duty to see that the any slightest hint of a disease is treated promptly. Many health issues that later become serious are occurred mostly due to the callous handling of the situation by the parents. Either they oversee the symptoms or take it too lightly to seek any medical intervention. The result, the child's health deteriorates, and once it reaches the anvil, they start running around for medical assistance. Yes, we as humans tend to be a bit lethargic in doing certain things. But remember, your child's health is something serious that requires continuous care and monitoring. And, as a general advice, it would be better not to take anything related to health for granted; for Medicine is much beyond the assumptions or anticipations of a common man. If it were not so, we all would have been doctors!!

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