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We all agree that humans are the sophisticated creatures on earth. But when it comes to our own tooth, it is far inferior to most of the other animals. After all, have you ever heard or seen a lion without teeth and that even without them brushing their canines even once in their lifetime? And, we, even after brushing twice a day, eventually end up in a dentist's clinic, mostly with more than one damaged dentine, and subject ourselves to a variety of treatments ranging from simple filling to root canal treatment, and in a worse case, a complete uprooting. Well, that is dentistry, the art of saving or killing a tooth!

Now to some serious discussions; may be it is the structure of our tooth or the food we consume, but the former is prone to decay easily unlike an animal dentine. Hence, the only way out to protect our tooth is to maintain a strict dental hygiene. But here lies another twist! Ideally, dental hygiene is something that everyone needs to pick up from our early childhoods. But unfortunately, that is something even the adults - in the mid 50s - do not know even today. Call it ignorance or callousness, but that gives a fair picture of why our dentists are busy always.

Maintaining a healthy tooth is not such a big deal, provided one does it with proper care and seriousness. Make it a habit to brush the teeth at least twice a day. Also while brushing, make sure that the tooth brush indeed 'brushes' every nook and corner of your mouth, and never let it become yet another exercise. Further, once in six months, get a dentist to check your tooth. This periodic diagnosis helps to spot any damages in an earlier stage itself. Heard about the adage, "nipping in the bud"?

Having a solution to a problem does not mean that one has to get into trouble with that problem before finding a way out applying that particular solution. Similarly, advancements in medical sciences have given us many an alternative to fix tooth problems very effectively. But why stretch it to that extent? After all, it is our own tooth and it won't take much to clean it twice a day. Is anyone listening?

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