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Disability is a rather broad term and it stands for anything that hampers one's natural abilities - physical, mental, learning or social - to interact and live as a normal human being in a society. It is said physical disability when the disability is borne out of some physical aspect; social disability, when the disability is attributed to some of the person's behavior which the society in general thinks that it is not acceptable (for example, lesbianism, gay or bisexuality); and mental or learning disability, when the handicap is resulted due to some problems in the brain functioning, dyslexia, dysphasia or epilepsy being some common examples.

But we humans can, to an extent, help the disabled people to lead a normal life as much as possible. Physical disability clinics are a big step forward in this direction. The same is the approach towards learning and other mental disabilities as well, but here the rehabilitation process may also require active cooperation from the disabled person's family members, for affection and care can make a lot of difference to the person's mind.

Social disabilities, on the other hand, cannot be solved through medical means alone, but a concerted effort from the person's family members and the society as a whole is crucial in bringing about any substantial result in this regard. But, here, it should be understood that disabilities borne out of genetical causes cannot be cured effectively. So there is a limit to which complete cure can be expected in cases of gay or lesbianism. But social acceptability is a different thing altogether and this is exactly what the various organizations, medical groups, and other NGOs already working on this aspect of our society focuses on. Lectures, clinics and mass social awareness campaigns are steps devised in this direction and hopefully this could change the people's perception towards such social disabilities.

In the directories inside, you could find more information on disabilities and related aspects. Hope you can find all the desired info there.

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