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The only reason why humans have a higher life expectancy now than it was two generations before is solely due to the advancements we have made in the healthcare domain in the last century or so. Thanks to the latest technology and the high end researches going on in laboratories across the world, things are only poised to change better in the coming years as well.

But advancements in healthcare do not put us in a position of complete dominance over all forms of diseases and illnesses. It is a sort of continued battle in fact, with new mutants of drug-resistant viruses and bacteria emerging virtually every year, and the healthcare system desperately trying to find a way out of the newly introduced threat.

But the important change in perception that has occurred of late is that the world has learnt to see health issues as a common threat to mankind than something purely domestic. As a result, countries are now coordinating each other more systematically than before in sharing talents and knowledge and are ready to pump in billions of dollars to the common pool towards funding researches for developing life saving drugs and other equipments. Collective efforts are also taken in extending the latest medical technologies to the underprivileged countries across the globe so that nobody is left behind in this Herculean effort against eliminating all life threatening health issues. The latter point heralds much importance as poor countries have the major share of sufferers in this world.

The focus of the healthcare world is quite clear – to make this world a safe and disease free place to live. Let us hope that they could achieve it within a decade or so.

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