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'Health is wealth' - thus goes a famous adage. But maintaining good health is more of a habit than any arbitrary thing happening by chance. And that should start right from one's home itself. True, one cannot avoid a viral infection always, but that should not be a deterrent factor in cultivating good health, which can be successfully implemented with some serious, consistent, and careful efforts.

The drive for nurturing good home health has its roots in the quality of basic education one gets during his/her school days. That is, the knowledge about diseases and the importance of practicing good hygiene and other aspects for keeping off diseases or infections. Each members of the family has a big role in this respect, in contributing his/her share towards maintaining a healthy atmosphere at home. Further, everybody must have the attitude to address every sort of health issues, popping up now and then, with prompt medical care. Heard of another adage - 'nipping in the bud'?

But, above all these is the need to develop a strong will to see that the patient whom he/she is caring indeed bails out of his/her illness completely at the end of the day. This attitude is crucial, especially in hospice care or in instances such as drug abuse or HIV, where the emotional support of the family members is vital for recovery.

Remember, the good health, which many of us enjoy today, owes a lot to the advancements that the medical science had made in the 20th century onwards. But that does not free us from our responsibility towards the community in cultivating a positive health culture at our homes and the society in large. Then only we could make this world a better place to live.

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