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Biomet Subsidiary Settles Medicare Fraud Claims

Men's Health is rather a broad term that talks everything about men's lifestyle, physical, mental and emotional health, diets, fitness aspects, sex, and the importance of seeking medical attention at the slightest inkling that something is going wrong with the body or health in general. Here, the latter point heralds much importance as men are prone to certain diseases or illnesses, many times more than their women counterparts. This is the reason why;

- Men are more into bad habits like drinking and smoking than women.
- Men involve more in adventurous and risky sports like rock climbing, paragliding, rafting etc than an average woman.
- Men carry the additional emotional stress of balancing the work and family (to an extend women also does that), which in a worse case could adversely affect relationships, career and health.
- Finally, out of a false pride may be, men are reluctant to seek medical assistance as often as women, even if he is bogged down by an illness.

And this is also the reason why women outlive men worldwide.

But the silver lining is that most of the men's health issues can be effectively treated and cured if diagnosed in the earlier stages. Hence it is advisable to pay more attention to your physical, mental and emotional health and its cravings. If you are a woman reading this, tell and educate your man the importance of maintaining good men's health. After all, we all believe that health is wealth! Isn't it?

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