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The state of good health indicates both physical and mental health. While good physical health is important for resisting against diseases and injuries, the latter is vital for one's overall stability and in ensuring a compatible social existence and a smooth personal life. But, knowingly or unknowingly, in today's fast paced world, our stress-laden lifestyle is actually taking a big toll of our mental health, and it later invariably precipitates as stress, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes and an assortment of other diseases. If to believe some expert psychiatrists, even some backache has some linking to a poor mental health or state.

So, the writing on the wall is quite clear - bust the stress bubble and boost up your mental health! Yes, practically to an extent, we may not be able to shrug off the tension in our lives. But we can very much follow a routine that puts less stress on our body and mind. Yoga, exercise, sleeping, NLP etc are some suggested steps in this direction. Mind you, these are something which all of us can adopt with less effort. Hence, no excuses please!

Then there are other mental illnesses borne out of hormonal differences, genetical reasons and injuries. Some of these are completely curable while some others - like Schizophrenia - may require continuous medical attention and care. So it is important that one consults the doctor in time, diagnose the condition, and follows the prescriptions punctually.

In some cases, the patient may not be able to do things independently. In such situations, the support and care of the family members and friends is crucial in ensuring the overall success of the treatment. Remember, emotional support plays a major role in the effective rehabilitation of a patient treated for mental illness.

If a sound mental health is a blessing, then it is the duty of the blessed to help out those unfortunate people to get over their troubles and bring them back to light. After all, man is a social animal!

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