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Medicine has become such a complex and wide domain that people tend to have more faith in professional experts specializing in selected domains than an average general practitioner. In fact, this is a change that is both a necessity and inevitability as treatments, medicine, and diseases have become so much evolved and diverse in the last 50 years, such that in most situations the diagnosis and cure extends in scope way beyond the abilities of a general practitioner/doctor. And this is exactly why all hospitals have specialized professionals to head every department, and the designation of a general medicine practitioner is fast becoming a non-existent phenomenon.

But the biggest gainer of this evolution is the common man out there in the streets, for he/she could get the most precise diagnosis and treatment from a specialist than from a general practitioner. Such selective specialist diagnosis always ensures that the problem is correctly diagnosed and promptly addressed in the right way in the first place itself, without any possible confusions or mistreatments. After all, that is what one expects from a hospital!

The term ‘professionals’ - in the context of medical domain – may refer to experts representing virtually every subdivision, from the conventional ones such as pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, and ophthalmology, to less said and newer ones such as podiatry, recreational therapy, music therapy, chiropractic, and audiology. It also includes those experts involved in researches in the domains of biotechnology, genetic engineering, nano technology, and molecular biology, or simply anything you can name.

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