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While most of us are health conscious, in keeping oneself physically fit or following a strict diet, reproductive health is something which is mostly overlooked. One rushes to a doctor for medical attention only when something seriously happens with his/her reproductive health or any complication associated with that arises. Not to blame anybody for this let off, but that is the way we generally see things. Certain things we care very much, while certain other things we take it for granted. But bear in mind, when it comes to reproductive health, this is an alarming habit.

Reproductive health broadly refers to any medical complexity relating to the reproductive system, which includes pregnancy, birth complications, infertility, urology, sexually transmitted diseases, or cancer in the reproductive parts. Each of these classifications is specialist domains - attended by specialists - the reason why hospitals have so many individual departments under the label 'reproductive health'.

For a common man out there, it is very important to get any inkling relating to reproductive health treated at the earliest. Such an attitude heralds double importance because, as mentioned earlier, we tend to over look it or simply misses the disease at its earlier stages, and when one gets that to a doctor, it would have got complicated to a worse extend, sometimes even to the level of being incurable. Remember the saying - 'A stitch in time saves nine'?

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