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At younger ages, we are all very agile, smart, and healthier by default. We are less troubled by health issues, and even if some illnesses occur, our body manages to recover back to its full fitness in no time. In most cases, there won't be any trace left behind such that it would be hard for a second person to believe that a person was bedridden just few week back. Well, that is the way human body is when one is in his/her most vibrant phases of human life. But things tend to change as age sets in. The cells, bones, muscles, and vital organs slow down with time, so will be its efficiency. Further, illnesses and other health issues start to dominate one's life, with a lengthened recovery time and chances for another breakdown at the slightest of provocations. This is a period that needs more care from the person himself and the other family members. Senior health should be constantly monitored and any inkling of a health issue must be addressed promptly.

Every hospital has specialist departments handling common senior health issues. So, to an extent, the treatment facilities are well organized and are in place. But the important aspect to note here is that it is the family members who must be knowledgeable and understanding to senior health issues, for they are the first persons in line to understand the health concerns of their grandparents and seek medical attention without any delay. And for the old aged, it is this emotional support that does more good that the daily doses of drugs.

Old age is inevitable. We all have to pass through it before finishing our lives in this planet. Hence it is only logical that we have to learn to understand senior health and their state of mind in that age. Please see inside for further resources.

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