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In the world in which we live in, it is virtually impossible to pass a lifetime without contacting a bout of any disease or ailment. But that does not mean that we must take every illness or a viral infection coming our way lying down. Yes, it is true that medical science has already found out umpteen ways to treat an existing disease; but it is always better to prevent things from escalating to this level. There lies the essence of the adage - 'prevention is better than cure'!

The term - Disease Prevention -conveys a much broader sense than its literal meaning. That is, the term also implies the steps oneself or our society as a whole has to take - at both social and an intellectual level - to reduce the chances of contracting contagious as well as other life threatening illnesses, which otherwise can be cured if diagnosed at an earlier stage. Here, it is must be noted that this intellectual simulation must begin from a very basic level itself, right from one's early childhood and must continue all through his/her school days. Once educated about the pros of disease prevention and cons of an unhealthy society, youngsters will quickly adapt themselves to look upon disease prevention initiatives as their responsibility rather than a governmental or social drive. Once such individual contributions starts to pour in, then only we could claim that we have a disease prevention mechanism in place capable of negating all forms of health threats that exists today in this world.

To sum it up, the disease prevention efforts must start right from an individualistic scope, and it is these individual contributions that transforms into a bigger social drive on cumulative integration. But for that to happen, we all need to be more socially responsible citizens. So let us pledge to be one. After all, we the individuals who make up the society, and not the other way around!

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