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Celiac Disease

Cholesterol and Other Fats

Crigler-Najjar Syndrome



Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Fatty Oxidation Disorders


Glycogen Storage Disease Type I

Glycogen Storage Disease Type II


Lactose Intolerance

Lowe Syndrome

Madelung's Disease




Metabolic Brain Diseases

Mucopolysaccharidosis III


Opitz Syndrome




Vitamins and Minerals

Water Balance

Zellweger Syndrome

Defective Hernia Surgical Mesh Products
Biomet Subsidiary Settles Medicare Fraud Claims

Disorders - in its literal sense - mean any disturbance that can happen to the normal functioning of a mechanism. In the human context, it refers to the malfunctioning of vital organs or the body as a whole, often leading to other medical conditions/diseases and in a worse case, even death. Here it should be noted that most disorders are not caused by any infection or virus, but due to genetic reasons or naturally by birth, which are definitely out of any individual's control. The maximum medical science could do in this respect is to support or backup the shortcomings in an artificial way such that the deficiency due to the disorders is compensated from outside, by medication, missing component injection, surgery or whatever is the possible panacea.

As mentioned earlier, any disorder in the human body will surface as diseases or inabilities. But a proper diagnosis by an expert doctor could pin point what the underlying issue is. Once that happens, and the specialist scribbles his prescriptions, the patient and his/her family members must take care to carry forward the treatment punctually as long as it is required by the consulting doctor or until the disorder is solved. For common knowledge, certain disorders are curable while some others may require the patient to take medicines all through his/her lifetime. But both are not possible without proper and ordered treatment.

Hence, like in any other health issue, from a patient's perspective, the most important step to undertake is to seek treatment promptly and that from an expert specialist itself. Only such a person could diagnose the condition cleanly and suggest the best treatments available. It is better to avoid amateurs or non specialists.

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