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Adequate nutrition is very essential for the physical and mental development of a person. Lack of it often leads to various illnesses and ailments, some of which are even non-curable and life threatening. The only out of this precarious prospect is to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet pattern, and make sure that your children is well fed and taken care of as far as nutrition is concerned.

This must be the case in an ideal situation, but not in the world in which we all survive. How many of us realize that the food additives used in most of the packed food items we get in the retail stores are not so good for health? How many of us spend few minutes to check if the over-the-counter nutritional supplements we buy have only approved ingredients? Further, what about the chemicals contained in the soft drinks marketed by the top brands in the business? In the frantic run to beat the competition and to grab a large chunk of the market share, manufacturers often find reason to forget the importance of the nutritional benefits and health aspects of their products, and focus all its resources instead in the art of profit making. The result, the common man is left with no choice, but to pay and buy consumables that are injurious to his/her own health. Is there any way out of this mess?

The panacea for this dilemma is awareness only. The public need to be aware of the pitfalls precisely, and must learn to purposefully avoid it if confronted with the same next time. And that exactly is meant by this Issue page; here you could find all the relevant resources focused on nutrition related subjects, the information being updated to meet the current point in time. The current topics cover everything from additives to water treatment, genetics to growth hormones, and drugs to nutritional supplements. For you, it is just about finding the right resource or info. And you won't be disappointed at what you'll find here!

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