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Vitamins are group of substances or nutrients that are required by the human body for its metabolism, regular cell functions, and its overall growth and development. It is vital in the development of nervous system, bones, skin, and muscles during the growth phase of a child, while for those in their adulthood, a requisite vitamin intake is essential to maintain a good health and to prevent being bogged down by any disease or illnesses. The deficiency of vitamins in childhood can invariably lead to various deficiency diseases such as rickets, goiter and mental retardation.

Now, a brief peep into the different types of vitamins; there are thirteen essential vitamins required by the human body. They are Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B, of which Vitamin B is further classified into 9 different types. A, D, E and K are called fat soluble vitamins - stored in the fat tissues in the body - while B and C are water soluble vitamins and they are directly absorbed into the blood stream. It is not stored anywhere. Finally, all these vitamins are obtained from food, with the exemption of Vitamins D and K, which are produced in the human body itself.

Now, since the role of the various vitamins is specific and any one type cannot substitute another randomly, it is important that one schedules his/her diet appropriately so that the body receives all the vitamins in the right amounts.

A dietician or nutritionist could aid one to chart a diet plan in this regard. A basic understanding of the recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) is also advisable.

Tail Piece: Vitamins in excess amounts can be toxic. Hence one must not consume oral tablets or vitamin tonics without a physician's advice.

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